Lacey Irving

Let’s tell your brand story,

I’m a lover of pretty things....


That's why I decided to start this Lifestyle blog because I wanted a place to showcase that kind of photography along with projects I get to be apart of.

I often get asked what is my favorite thing to photograph and it's literally the pretty things, the "stuff", "things" aka product photography (home decor, food, office supplies?) Which is why I love looking at pretty catalogs full of products (I may or may not request multiple catalogs just to look at the pretty pictures...) and don't get me started on pretty cookbooks....

When I'm not being a photographer, I'm usually at school. I'm working on finishing up my bachelors degree in Visual Arts and Emerging Media Management. Fancy way of saying I'm in Art School and I love it.

I can't function without coffee in the morning and I love to wind down with a glass of wine. My favorite thing is getting on a plane and seeing new places, especially with my husband. I have a soft spot for our (my) sweet/neurotic Jack Russell Terrier, (Tebow, yep like Tim Tebow, but it's just "Tebow"). There is never a bad time to eat tacos and F.R.I.E.N.D.S will never get old no matter how many times you've seen it.

I'm always down to collaborate and chat about working together just shoot me an email: