20 random facts about me

Sharing more about yourself is nerve wrecking but in honor of sharing a little bit more about me in front of my lifestyle brand I thought I would share 20 random facts about me. 

These are usually my favorite posts that bloggers and other creatives do because it's fun learning about the person you follow. 


(In no particular order) 

1. I met my husband while I was house sitting (its a pretty funny story) 

2. I do not like the color pink

3. I am finishing up my degree in Visual Arts and Emerging Media Management 

4. I live in Florida, but one trip out to Utah had me choosing the mountains over the beach any day


5. If I wasn't a photographer I would probably look into Interior Design 

6. I use to be an avid runner in high school until I tore my calf muscle (twice) 

7. I have an 8 year old Jack Russell Terrier named Tebow (after Tim Tebow) 

8. I am a ISFJ personality type 

9.  In high school I performed a five minute play in French at a National French Competition 

10. I am terrified of frogs (I let out a high pitch scream to let you know when I see one) 


11. My first job was at a tiny grocery store in Delaware 

12. There is always room for ice cream (Fact) 

13. When I was 10 I had a staph infection in my pelvic bone (That was bad, but all is good now)  

14. Friends is my all time favorite TV Show - seen every episode i don't know how many times 

15. I'm a huge introvert - I open up more when I get to know someone 


16. I was a photography intern at Disney in their Fine Art and Wedding Department 

17. I never liked coffee until I met my husband - he got me hooked 

18. I'm left handed 

19. I'm terrified of the dark 

20. I am a serial binger - Netflix and Hulu anyone? 


Now I would love to learn more about you! Leave a random fact about yourself in the comments below.