Interview with: Meredith Herman, Owner of Tassel + Trim, Modern Calligraphy + Event Embellishments

Welcome to the second week of Interview With: where I’m talking to my branding clients and gaining inspiration from them while learning more about their businesses. This week I’m featuring Meredith of Tassel + Trim, a modern calligraphy + event embellishments company.

I met Meredith through another client of mine that I will be featuring soon! Meredith has such a creative eye and her home and talent show just that. I also got to hang out with Meredith’s fur child, Henry during our session together. Henry is the fluffiest most photogenic cat I’ve ever met! You’ll see what I mean when you scroll through Meredith’s post. I hope you enjoy learning more about Meredith and her beautiful calligraphy.

What is your “why” and what made you start Tassel and Trim?

Seven years ago my husband and I started to plan our wedding—we wanted it personal and detailed, but we had a very small budget. Thus I put my creative hobbies to work and crafted each detail. During this process something clicked that I was meant to do this for other people. I started just by creating items for loved ones—friend getting married? I was there to do the signs! Sister having a baby? Let me design the shower! I received such joy from creating personal event decor and gifts for others that I knew I wanted to turn my hobby into a career. I launched my modern calligraphy shop, Tassel + Trim, so I could provide that joy to others and to help the party-thrower or gift-giver tell their story through pretty details.

Where do you find inspiration?

I love getting inspired from coffee table books. There is always beautiful art and photography that often inspires a color pallet, pattern or general theme for products. The same rings true for buildings—when we travel I am always noticing the small details such as the hardware or the wallpaper to see if it sparks any inspiration.

How has branding photography and content creation been helpful in your business?

This past year my goal has been to rebrand the look and feel of Tassel + Trim. I had a vision of what I wanted the brand to look like, but every time I would attempt doing my photos myself, they never quite met the vision. Plus I really wanted to personalize my brand—I was tired of every photo being of a product. I wanted to start to introduce myself into my brand so my clients could get to know me as a trustworthy friend they could rely on, just like my own friends did at the start of my small business. I decided to take the plunge and do a photo shoot with Lacey and it was the best decision I have ever made in my business. I now have a library of images which is HUGE for a workflow purpose, but she was able to translate who I was and what my business was through photos. I am a very visual person so to actually see what I have envisioned in my head for so long, felt amazing! My website launched this year and having those photos took it from ‘homemade’ to a professional and visually-pleasing platform.

What was the best piece of advice someone gave you?

Full disclosure I am completely type A and I pretty much over plan everything. Although this trait can come in handy, when trying to launch a business it can be your demise. Waiting for perfection to start a business (which is what I was doing) means you’ll never have a business. My husband is my biggest supporter and one day he looked at me and said ‘stop doubting and start doing.’ That stopped me in my tracks, why am I not just ‘doing’? I’ll never get anywhere if I don’t take chances and make any moves. That week I hung a piece of artwork that stated ‘just start’ above my desk as a constant reminder that I just need to believe in myself and push on. Doubts will find a way in, but it’s up to me to erase them with actions that push me towards my goals.

What are some of your favorite resources? (Podcasts, books, articles)

Since starting Tassel + Trim, I stumbled across Jenna Kutcher’s podcast, Goal Digger, and it became my daily push to stay focused on my goals. I love the transparency that the podcast offers. Her guests are all women that have successfully launched businesses and they share their journey—the good, the bad and ugly—which makes it relatable at whatever stage of your business you are at. I listen and think, ‘I am going through that now and its hard—but she got through it, so can I.’ It is inspirational to hear people just be honest and not just share the ‘wins.’

What’s something you have coming up that you are looking forward to?

I offer monthly modern calligraphy workshops at Winter Garden Adjectives, and have two coming up in August. One will be my first brunch workshop with mimosas, so what’s not to look forward to!? I also have my next brand and product photo shoot in early September which I am SO excited for! I’ll be dreaming up holiday items to shoot which is probably my favorite thing to do—Christmas in July, anyone?

When you’re not busy running your business what is something you like to do for fun?

I love to just relax with my husband, which typically entails a bottle of wine, a Netflix binge session, and forcing our ridiculously fluffy cat to cuddle with us. I also like to do Pilates weekly which keeps me sane! I love having a time to push myself physically and take a mental break from the one hundred to-do’s that constantly run through my mind.

Where you can find Meredith:

Website: Tassel + Trim

Instagram: @tassel_and_trim

Pinterest: Meredith Herman | Tassel + Trim