Interview with: Carly Paige, Owner of Fit Living Eats, Health Coach and Chef

Welcome to the first post of my blog series: Interview with: where I talk with my clients about their businesses, on why they started, why branding photography and content creation is important to their businesses and more! My first interview is with Carly Paige!

I first met Carly through her friend Malia, who we will hear from in another post that is part of the series. Carly is an amazing chef and health food coach. Her recipes are mostly plant based and she teaches you how to swap for healthier choices when cooking. I’ve asked her a series of questions to share with you all and get to know a little bit more about her.

What is your “why” and what made you start Fit Living Eats?

Growing up, food was at the center of everything I did. It was the vehicle for making memories with loved ones in the kitchen. I learned early on that one of my favorite ways to serve others was through home-cooked meals which was modeled for me by my mom. As I got older and in my early adult years, I realized the connection that food had to how I felt and my overall health, which is when FitLiving Eats was born. It first started as a food blog that has evolved into a health-centric business that is beyond my wildest dreams. I’m able to host cooking classes, cook for private clients, run a blog and online cooking club, as well as engage with corporate clients through speaking opportunities centered around wellness. 

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in the experiences around me, as well as continued education and learning. I get inspiration for recipes through traveling, local restaurants and studying cooking shows and food magazines. 

How has branding photography and content creation been helpful in your business?

My brand presence is incredibly important to me as an entrepreneur because it’s the first impression that people have. Branding and lifestyle photography has helped capture my personality in a professional way. This content is vital for a quality look and feel in my blog, social media and printed material. 

What was the best piece of advice someone gave you? 

Just get started. One of my biggest vices is to wait for the right moment or for everything to be perfect – then I spend all my time waiting and planning. When I’m able to push through this pressure I put on myself, I can enjoy the process more and celebrate the small wins along the way. 

What are some of your favorite resources? (Podcasts, books, articles) 

So many! Brene Brown and her work on vulnerability is absolutely incredible. I read the book You Are a Badass with my book club group a few years back and it ignited life shifts in all of us. I also love to follow StoryBrand, founded by Donald Miller – his teachings on branding and marketing are incredibly helpful. And personally? Counseling. I’m on a continual journey to get to know myself on a deeper level which also helps bring confidence and clarity to my professional self. 

What’s something you have coming up that you are looking forward to? 

I just launched an online cooking club that I’m super excited about! I joke that publishing my cookbook was baby number one and this cooking club is baby number two. It’s essentially my cookbook put into action with online cooking classes, meal plans, video tutorials and more. 

When you’re not busy running your business what is something you like to do for fun? 

I’m not going to lie, I love a good Netflix show. My favorites right now are Younger and Victoria. I also love to be outside – whether that’s in nature running or hiking, or at the beach relaxing. 

Where you can find Carly:

Website: Fit Living Eats

Instagram: @fitlivingeats

Facebook: Fit Living Eats

Pinterest: Carly Paige | FitLiving Eats